Spotify defines itself as “a streaming music, podcast and digital video service that gives you access to millions of songs and other content from artists around the world.”
It is perhaps the largest streaming platform in our days, not only because of its bank of songs from various genres, but also because, in order to stay ahead of the curve, this year they have decided to incorporate among their lists and searches materials such as podcasts, audiobooks, and movie compilations.
Although songs and audios cannot be downloaded from Spotify in the free version, the Premium option is offered.
One of the main differences between Spotify and Spotify Premium is the cancellation of advertising and ads between songs. You can also have a la carte access to the entire catalog of songs that are available exclusively for Premium accounts, allowing you to create lists in the order you choose to listen to what you want when you want and not randomly as with the free version.

Another of its qualities with Premium account is to be able to skip the songs that we do not like without a limited number of skips and you can download up to 3,333 songs on three different devices, allowing you to listen offline your favorite playlists.

Having clear what Spotify is and the services it offers, we will focus on how to improve the experience that users may face when searching for a particular genre, theme or music recommendations, based on the proposed user experiences:

The segment of the population considered for this project were people between 28 and 70 years old, people with diverse musical tastes where most reported that they use the platform when they focus on different activities such as work, study or daily tasks in their homes.
We formed a team of two people for the development of this activity, defining a realistic scope for the problem posed. Although our limitation was the possible recommendations that the application could make according to the genres that users listen to the most, we managed to obtain the expected result of this study framework.
The main problem in terms of the objective set in this analysis was to improve the user experience by showing what a personalized search based on the genres and topics they listen to most would be like. This was achieved by modifying some elements in the platform as shown below:

We discovered that making these changes to the platform would not only improve the user experience, but also drastically increase the number of registered users, as it would become more popular in the world, and the application would become more and more personalized for each user thanks to these recommendations.

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